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Invicta Expansion in the U.S.

Invicta launched several locations in Orlando, inclhding the Florida Mall -- an exciting addition to the expanding line up of United States locations for this iconic brand. 

"Invicta has made a significant commitment to its expanding retail locations in the US. When Invicta designs a timepiece, they consider much more than what the latest fashions and trends are. The point of Invicta’s care and consideration is really simple. Invicta is not interested in producing timepieces that will fall out of style a few months from now. They produce a quality product that will endure. By making only the highest quality watches, they think about not only building watches that will last, but also about building watches that will one day be passed down."

The company’s expansion into the United States is a significant statement of its commitment to offer excellent watches and timepieces to the US market.  JAS is proud to partner with one of the best brands in quality watch making.